World Reflexology Week 21 - 27 September 2015

The theme for WRW this year is HEALTHY AGEING, and the aim of this global event is to promote the benefits of Reflexology and increase public awareness throughout the world. REFLEXOLOGY is one of the most popular treatments I offer, and can be beneficial to people of all ages.  Looking after ourselves, maintaining health/well being and preventing disease is something we can begin at any age.

Ageing is of course a natural process, in which our body gradually slows down and energy rhythms change.  Unfortunately growing older is often viewed negatively, and many elderly people suffer from poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, fatigue, weakening of the immune system, pain and a range of chronic illnesses.  This in turn may lead to a complete lack of enthusiasm for life, and create worry, stress and sleepless nights.

The ageing process however, can be a positive experience. Old age may provide more free time and opportunities for new experiences.  Reflexology can be a wonderful therapy for mature adults, to ease arthritic aches and pains, improve mobility, help to relieve digestive discomfort or bladder problems, relieve swelling/fluid retention, encourage balance of blood sugar levels, aid memory/cognitive function and generally strengthen all body systems.  Regular treatments can often lead to greater vitality and an overall improvement in health and well being.

If you haven't experienced this amazing treatment yet, perhaps now is the perfect time to try. To celebrate this WRW HEALTHY AGEING event, I will be offering FREE TASTER SESSIONS of Reflexology at Marlowe Innovation Centre throughout the week (by appointment only).  Please get in touch for more details and bookings - message or call Nadia: 07543 556101