World Reflexology Week 18-24 September 2017

As many of you will already be aware, World Reflexology Week is a global event which aims to promote the benefits of Reflexology and increase public awareness throughout the world. The theme this year was 'Corporate Reflexology' - stress in the workplace is now recognised as a real problem and there are requirements for employers under the Health & Safety at work legislation to reduce stress for their employees. Throughout the week Soul Pamper Treatments offered free taster sessions, and I'm happy to say that as a result I was able to introduce some more lovely people to the benefits of this wonderful treatment. 

If you are an employer currently feeling the effects of stress and pressure, or you are concerned that your employees' health and wellbeing is suffering, have you considered that there are natural ways to help? Workplace/office treatments can be an amazing staff reward which boosts morale and conveys to your staff just how much they're appreciated and valued. Reflexology is such a deeply relaxing treatment, yet energising and balancing. When staff are relaxed and motivated, they are likely to be much happier and more productive within the workplace.

To find out if office/workplace treatments could be of value to you and your staff, or to arrange a free consultation, please get in touch - message or call Nadia: 07543556101