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Free Guided Meditation Audios

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself” - Hermann Hesse

This selection of meditation audios has been created by Nadia to gently ease you into the ‘stillness’ of inner peace and tranquillity, helping you to develop the practice of mindful meditation. Each one has a different focus, and will guide you into a progressively relaxed state of heightened awareness.

Audios will continue to be added to this page, so please watch this space! They can also be found on my YouTube Channel.


DO NOT listen to the audio while driving, operating machinery or at any time when it is not safe for you to close your eyes and relax. Participation in this audio experience is completely voluntary. Content is NOT given as a substitute for medical advice or healthcare treatment, and NO warranty is provided for the accuracy of any information provided. NO responsibility or liability is accepted for any injury, loss or damage as a direct or indirect result of the information given.

An introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

A Mindful Reflection meditation

A short Mindful Meditation

If you are keen to further develop your mindfulness and meditation skills, Nadia offers short training courses consisting of blocks x 4 sessions, held during evenings or weekends to accommodate need.

Please ask for details or check out forthcoming dates here:

Workshops - Meditation/Mindfulness