Mindfulness / Guided Relaxation 1 to 1

man 1000784 1920Mindfulness is a term often heard, yet perhaps not always fully understood. To put simply, it is a heightened awareness of the present moment, connecting fully with our senses, in a heart-centred, accepting, forgiving, non-judgemental way. Practising mindfulness enables us to become aware of our own thought patterns, as we learn to ‘witness’ without getting caught up in the thoughts themselves. Understanding how we are processing the world by way of positive or negative thoughts can help to develop an understanding of our feelings and behaviour. With this insight we can learn to choose how we respond to stimuli – people/relationships, situations/work/ financial issues, challenges/pain/illness. As a consequence we can enhance our sense of wellbeing and improve our quality of life.

1 to 1 sessions of mindfulness consist of sitting on a chair/lying on a couch or mat, listening to gentle dialogue, guiding you into a relaxed state of focused awareness. You will be introduced to the concept of mindfulness in an experiential way, and explore different methods to alter negative or ‘overthinking’, reduce anxiety and tension, respond with less ‘reactivity’ to stressors, develop ‘self-help’ relaxation techniques.


Research, including neuro-imaging technology, has proven that Mindfulness & Meditation can:

  • significantly reduce stress, anxiety and tension
  • improve immune function
  • increase self-awareness
  • aid concentration
  • encourage clarity of thought leading to creative problem solving.

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Price: 1 hour session of 1-to-1 mindfulness/guided relaxation £43 OR book & pay for 3 sessions in advance to receive your 4th session half price!

It is extremely beneficial for clients to commit to a daily home practice of even a few minutes of mindfulness between sessions.

Group meditation/mindfulness training is also available, please click here for details.