Reflexology is a combination of a natural healing art and a science based on sound principles that energy zones flow throughout the body, and that all the organs and body systems are reflected in the feet (also hands). By stimulating reflex points with the use of specific pressure techniques, it is believed that natural healing processes of the body are activated, helping to restore balance, health and wellbeing.

The practice of Reflexology requires dedicated study, skill, patience, focused intention and the desire to care for another. Touching can be a wonderful energy exchange which develops a unique form of communication, builds trust, encourages deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

If you are curious to know more about this wonderful healing therapy, and would like to learn some simple pressure techniques and foot massage to use on your partner, family or friends, then this practical workshop is for you.
You will receive a certificate of attendance but NOT a formal qualification (so not insurable).


(one couple per workshop)

Do you or your partner suffer from stress and tension? Aches & pains? Sleep problems?

Would you both like to learn a combination of simple pressure techniques and foot massage to help each other to relax and de-stress? Have fun, learn a new skill and in the process naturally deepen your connection and intimacy.


Gentle, loving touch is essential to build positive, healthy, relationships with your child, encouraging natural developmental learning, self-worth, survival and stress-mechanisms.

Reflexology is relatively easy to introduce to babies and toddlers, providing a wonderful way to soothe, relax and nurture your child through various challenges encountered in infancy. Older children may be a little more reluctant to receive it, but many show curiosity or fascination if introduced in the right way.

In this workshop you will learn simple techniques which may help to calm restlessness, ease digestive discomfort/colic, encourage sleep, clear congestion caused by coughs, colds or sinus problems, relieve growing aches and pains.


This may be used as an alternative to treating the feet in the case of local injury, but is generally considered to be more helpful as a self-help method to reinforce particular reflex points between sessions with a professional Reflexologist.

This workshop will teach you simple techniques aimed at helping you to manage ongoing stress, ease anxiety, aches and pains, digestive disorders and sleep problems.